Outside Catering Manager Required

Job Outline:-

Ensuring the continued exceptionally high standard of the Harajuku Kitchen Street Food Stall at the regular Stockbridge Market every Sunday and Grassmarket 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month, and other events e.g. Archerfield, the Pitt Market etc.
Assisting in the growth of further outside catering opportunities, such as for film crews, the Scotland Rugby Team, weddings, birthday parties etc and other groups and events.

Requirements :-

  • Driving License
  • Catering and / or Street Food experience
  • Ability to manage a team of highly skilled individuals
  • Experience in overseeing hygiene and environmental control of the premises
  • Good sense of humour and work spirit
  • Interest in Japanese food and culture

Outline of standard working week :-

  • Overseeing the process of gyoza making on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Monitoring the premises’ Hygiene and Environmental health is up to high standards
  • Getting the sales target accomplished and create goal setting for the team
  • Finance report, weekly rota, organise event diary and banking
  • Contacting national/international events organisation and book events
  • Overseeing the market raw material preparation, condiments, boxes i.e. Chicken, noodle salad and box preparation
  • Saturday – Event
  • Sunday – Stockbridge market

(An example of the working day for Stockbridge would be – 7.30 am Decide on requirements for the day e.g. rain/sun/ payday etc. Load van. 9.15 Unload van at market and set up stall. 10.30 cook/serve. 4pm pack down 5pm return to bistro to clean up.)

£300 p/w

Please apply via our contact form.